November 12, 2018

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Joey P

Author of "Three Steps to Brand ROI" and senior partner at Sticky Wrapper , Joey sees the world through marketer's colored glasses. World traveled, he feels at home in the streets of Kowloon, lunch at Tavern on the Green or back to back bands at Mississippi Studios. Truth is, on any given day, he would rather be kiteboarding than most anything else.

  • Summer Cannibals: Take Me Out

    Summer Cannibals: Take Me Out

      Willamette Week: Summer Cannibals, one of the 10 best new bands of 2014 If recent Best New Band polls are an indicator of Portland’s interest in what one may refer to as “rock music,” the relationship status has been gradually digressing from “it’s complicated” to “divorced.” The clouds of grunge have parted, making way…

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  • We all live in Times Square

    We all live in Times Square

    Who doesn't know Times Square? The lights, signs and moving images are iconic worldwide. So much noise and confusion. It is easy to forget that practically every inch of space in Times Square is marketing. Each sign being bigger or brighter in an effort to establish one brand in front of another. How much time…

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  • Pink Martini: Sampler Platter

    Pink Martini: Sampler Platter

        Just a test post to show how to include multiple tracks on a singe post. Why not use a local band gone world wild. Pink Martini, like them or not, are a worldwide sensation.  

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  • TV Shows: The Librarians films in Portland

    TV Shows: The Librarians films in Portland

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