November 12, 2018

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The Tiburones: Welcome to Portland

Hmmmm. Nice relaxing video. Great sounds from The Tiburones. One minute of Portland ahhhhh.

The Original Video Tag:

If you’re in Portland right now, chances are you’re doing something pretty great—like watching a crazy bike ride or browsing the stacks at Powell’s. We’ll let Portland musician Luz Elena Mendoza from The Tiburones show you what we mean. Or head over to to see other ways that Portland is happening now.

That’s it? That is the big pitch? I expected a bit more. Heck I wanted more. Maybe next time I guess.


Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew has taken a sabbatical from her detective novel series so that she can devote her full time efforts to Hipster. When asked about the abrupt transition she replied "Once I saw the Hipster I realized the rest of my work was crap".

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