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We all live in Times Square | The Occasional Hipster

November 29, 2022

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We all live in Times Square

Who doesn’t know Times Square? The lights, signs and moving images are iconic worldwide. So much noise and confusion. It is easy to forget that practically every inch of space in Times Square is marketing. Each sign being bigger or brighter in an effort to establish one brand in front of another. How much time does one company really have to get their message across? Brands overlapping Brands in a fight for a few moments of recognition and remembrance. This seems crazy. To most people this is crazy!

I have news for you, we all moved to Times Square in the last few years.

The internet opened the door, the smart phone stepped in and social media set up a 24 / 7 rock band in your living room.

So what now? How do we as consumers sift through the non stop drone of “buy me”? My opinion is, don’t worry about it. Not your problem. If companies want your attention, they will have to successfully navigate the ever changing marketing channels that we use. Never before has it been more important for companies to understand who they are, who buys their products and how that buyer is listening. It does little good to send email offers when your customers disregard them in favor of twitter feeds.

The noise is only going to get worse. As consumers we will get more selective in our listening and all the extra noise will just disappear. It all works out in the end. Well for us and for the brands that learn to adapt at least.
As a side note: Women will tell you that men are already highly skilled in this practice…

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